Our Philosophy

Installing or refinishing  wood flooring has often been a messy, dusty and chemically-intense process.

Lantzvilla Artisan Wood Flooring believes that there are new and earth friendly ways that reduce the impact on homes, their owners and the earth itself.

Ranging from our dustless sanding systems, to new water-based solvents and finishes, we are committed to bringing ecologically conscious practices that reduce the impact of installing new flooring or refinishing projects within your own new or existing home, all the while bringing artistry and true craftsmanship to an essential part of your living space.

You have our commitment to produce breathtaking floor artistry, all without the usual dust and fumes  and other harmful parts of the  traditional wood flooring installation and/or refinishing process that have instead taken your breath away in irritating and unhealthy ways.

Emory & Sheri Stansal
Lantzville Artisan Wood Floors