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Welcome to Lantzville Artisan Wood Floors.


We want to let you know that we are committed to helping you discover more about the care and tireless commitment we offer to assure craftsmanship, artistry and earth-friendly practices when it comes to installing or refinishing wood floors within your home or where you work.


"Emory redid our floors years ago and they stood up to the test of time. We where quite happy with dustless system and end result! Thanks a lot for a great job!"

Michael Sloan

"Emory is just great! (He) deoes an old fashioned quality job with attention to detail. Floor refinishing is messy but Emory does great clean up every day. The final result is outstanding! Highly recommend."

Sue Williams

"Emory does a great job! We've used him twice. We would highly recommend him."


Birgit Nagel Whyte

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